CCN Corvette Center Nürburgring by RPR

Corvette Center at the Nürburgring by RPR

Corvette Center at the Nürburgring by RPR

Your Corvette Partner at the Nürburgring

the real performance of a vehicle is easiest to measure on the race track

What we offer:

Welcome to RPR Performance - Your Corvette Partner at the Nürburgring

We offer a wide range of services for your Corvette. Starting from a service to ultra-fast track tool. Support at trackdays is also possible.

Put us to the test!

Cooling upgrade

The ultra-fast C6 Z06 in particular has major deficits in terms of cooling.
Starting with the engine oil, which often reaches the 135 degree mark (often after just 2 laps), through the overflowing power steering reservoir to the gearbox and differential.

We offer you functioning solutions for this – and thus protect you from expensive mechanical damage.

Corvette Chassis & Setup

Chassis upgrade

As Corvette driver(s) we can rarely complain about lack of power, displacement or drivability ;-). However, we should pay all the more attention to the chassis, tires & brakes. Here we offer a number of possibilities, especially if we want to participate more often in a trackday to challenge our Corvette properly. The light and fast C6 Z06 literally invites you to take a lap on the infamous Nordschleife.

The optimum chassis in conjunction with the right wheel-tire combination and brakes is the basis for absolute driving pleasure – ideally at the same time as reducing vehicle weight. As owners of a C6 Z06, we are already well equipped with about 1400k compared to our significantly more overweight competitors. Incidentally, this combination saves the most time – only then do other topics take center stage.

Tires / Semi Slick
Performance improvement
Chassis upgrades
Vehicle weight

from Service to Tracktool

We offer extensive & sound advice to develop your Corvette to fit your needs and fit your budget. Starting from the service to the ultra-fast track tool. Driving fun & fast lap times are guaranteed.

Corvette Center Nürburgring
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You too can benefit from our experience

Since 2012, we have successfully participated in the VLN/NLS and several times in the famous 24H races at the Nürburgring with our own RPR Racing Team. We achieved several class victories in the process.